Thursday, September 6, 2012

Why is he even bothering?

Judging by the convention speeches, I'm really starting to wonder why Willard is even bothering to run for president. I mean, when you're that filthy rich, why degrade yourself in public for a position where you'll have less power and freedom than you currently have and take a major pay cut? If he really wants the attention of a nation full of fawning acolytes (which I think he does), he could just go out and buy a country. There are quite a few nations that would be within his price range, and many of them have very nice climates where the population has never known of a "minimum wage". Some of them even speak English.
Trust me, Willard, if you actually do end up buying the presidency you're going to end up with a serious case of 'buyer's remorse'. You're not going to be able to turn this country into a gated country club, and the American peasantry will never really "learn their place".


urland said...

In full conspiracy monger mode, maybe it's not his choice. Perhaps people with full access to all of his walk-in closet skeletons are pushing him. Disclaimer: The previous bit is complete speculation.

Fearguth said...

Well, like they say, $250 million isn't everything. :>

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