Saturday, April 4, 2009


When thinking of America's more progressive states, Iowa isn't usually one of them. But Iowa has now legalized gay marriage, which is great. I was tempted to make some snarky comment like "all four gay couples in Iowa celebrate" but that would be wrong.
Whenever debating the issue of gay marriage I'm reminded of Branch Rickey's comment on integrating baseball that "people in the future will look back and wonder what all the fuss was about." Because it really is a very simple issue: equal rights. The law should never discriminate against any group of people, and 'separate but equal' is NOT equal.
So I say "good for you, Iowa!"

Boobies Behind Schedule

A day late on the Boobies. I couldn't get a steady internet connection yesterday, and the weather wasn't conducive to exposing Boobies anyway. April snow and 50 mph winds. The joy of springtime in the mountains.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Not Pistachios!

Another 'Salmonella in our Food' case, and Obama hasn't fixed the FDA yet. What's taking him so long anyway?
But I'm taking this one personally. Peanut Butter? Eh, I can live without it. And I don't like children much, and they're usually sick with something anyway. Lettuce? Grossly overrated filler for salads and sandwiches that can easily be replaced with much tastier vegetables.
But Pistachios are one of the truly great foods. Healthy, tasty, and they come in that cool organic packaging. Pistachios go perfectly with beer and baseball, and the season is about to begin. This one pisses me off!
Obviously, food safety should be a basic right in a modern civilized society. It's not that difficult to avoid salmonella contamination, and it's less expensive than massive recalls, so the food industry should be doing a better job of it. And the Government should be insuring that foods are safe as part of what we pay taxes for. We need to demand it.
I'll start by demanding safe Pistachios, dammit!

Added: Actual news coverage:

TERRA BELLA, Calif. (AP) -- It could take weeks before health officials know exactly which pistachio products may be tainted with salmonella, but they've already issued a sweeping warning to avoid eating the nuts or foods containing them.

Over 2 million pounds recalled...that's a lot of nuts...I'm not happy.