Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This Time, for Sure

God, I'm sick of dealing with health issues. Tomorrow morning I'm having another surgery on my shoulder to return it to proper alignment, and (hopefully) it will begin healing. I'm really tired of being in pain, and I really don't like pain medications, but most of all I'm really tired of feeling like I'm whining. I want to get back to focusing on politics (the rethuglicans campaign of obstructionism is crying out for snark) or sports (look! a 23 year old swimmer with a bong! a baseball player using a substance! shocking, I tell you) or weird animals or anything but my shoulder. But the shoulder must be fixed, and then I must begin dealing with Mom's house (way too much stuff) and find some way to make a living. And quit smoking. And quit whining.
So it's off to surgery. Wish me well, and I'll be back in a couple of days.