Thursday, March 29, 2007

200th post

So here we are at 200 posts, one day over 2 months of blogging. Almost looks like a real blog.
I started this blog as a place to say whatever I felt a need to say- in other words, a pure vanity blog. I invited some people who's intelligence and wit I respect to join in posting, and I'm grateful that Sweaterman and Zymurgian have added their unique voices to this humble blog.
I may not say anything about the "blog issue" of the day, often because I feel that I don't have anything of substance to add to the discussion. There are a lot of smart people in blogtopia (y,sctp) doing a lot of important work, and I salute them. But I'm not going to try to be like them. I'll just be me (did I mention "vanity blog"?).
There's a "grading" of blogs as "a-list", "b-list", etc. This blog is somewhere down on the "u-list" or "v-list", and I'm happy with that. I really appreciate the support and comments that we've gotten. It's like making new friends. Folks like Fixer, Monkeyfister, Demeur, and Badtux have become the friends I've never actually met but I'm always happy to hear from.
So, to my few readers, thanks for stopping by. Hope you find something worthwhile, and please feel free to comment.


whig said...

mmm. beer.

Tom Hilton said...

Yeah, what Whig said. (Looks like a pretty decent brew, too--not that mass-market stuff that's like making love in a canoe.) Anyway, good work--you've got some really good stuff here. (Loved the Hunter Thompson remembrance. And of course river pics are always good to see.)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tom. It is a good beer-Mogollon Brewery's Horny Toad IPA.

Demeur said...

I'd hoist one to you guys if I drank. Some great writing you've got here. Always be back for a pygalgia fix.

--mf said...


Congratulations, Pygalgia!

Look at this list of Co-Conspirators in this comments section... our bloc of the Blogohood, is a pretty fine place, if you ask me. More power to ya all!