Monday, March 26, 2007

I'm Back

Aah, the joy of the river. I'm back from seven glorious days on the San Juan river. I'll post some pics after I download them from the camera, but I've got a lot of gear to clean first.
Short trip description: Mexican Hat to Clay Hills, six people, four boats, some weather, great food, beautiful scenery, and beer. Two of the people on the trip are geology professors, so it was a great learning opportunity (I took geology 101 around 30 years ago, and the bits of information I've learned since are rather incomplete). The rapids were a blast.
The other beautiful thing was seven days of NO news. It was a mind cleanser. I'm a bit of a politics/news junkie, but I felt no withdrawal symptoms. Reading the news this morning, I realized how healthy it was for me to just get away from it for a while. The evil bastards will keep on being evil bastards, whether I'm paying attention or not. While it is important to keep fighting them, sometimes it's important to take care of your own sanity by stepping away. I feel refreshed.
But I do have a lot of gear to clean. More later.

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