Tuesday, March 27, 2007

dumpster dive PART 2

This post will not make a damn bit of sense to you, if you are not already familiar of how Zymurgian happens to be posting from the year 2013. Please scroll down a few posts, to insure yer understanding of this one, if you care to.

"I'm glad we made it" says Jenisalaamefer, my first acquaintence of 2013, and my valiant rescuer from a deadly windstorm, or "guster", as they say these days. " My i-trover is low on batteries. We barely escaped the water-plunder hordes."
Yer what? The what hordes?" Her wierd purplish silver eyes, this future chick, they widen in an expression of wonder and exasperation, perhaps fear. Jenisalaamefer (huh?) clad in white robes, with some kind of i-poddish thing on a hemp necklace astride her resplendent bosom, doesn't know what to make of me any more than I do of her...
Or of how I was just taking out the trash, moments ago, and the fucking dumpster decided to fling me to the year 2013! I try telling her this.
"Well, she sighs, "I can tell you have a scrotum and a penis, and nobody has that equipment downloaded anymore. You don't even have an i-trover on! Cyber-Hiitites would rip you a new third eye for that, dumbass! And you are also stupid enough to be out during a guster, without propper sheathing."
I'm wearing Carharts and a hoodie. "Well, this garb was fine for 2007."
Jenisalaamefer tosses her splendiferous auburn locks and giggles. " There is so much that Allahjesu has willed since yer day. Did you guys have homebrew in 2007? Probably not huh? Well I just bottled a decent batch of IPA. Wanna homebrew?
Perhaps 2013 doesn't totally suck. Anyway, posting from the future is tough. I will inform you of my predicament as I am able, Google willing- Insh'Allah-Amen.

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