Friday, March 30, 2007

Can We Stop With the Beer Talk?

Mein Gott, I am so sick of the following bullshit that's being peddled (yet again) in the press:

There is a general sense in politics that it helps a candidate if he (and yes, in this case, it is definitely "he" rather than "he or she") comes across as "the guy with whom you would most like to have a beer." For example, we were often told during 2000 and 2004 that this was an advantage for Bush over Gore and Kerry. If people would rather have a beer with Bush, then that means they view Bush as more personable and homey than the supposedly stiff Gore and Kerry. Or, at least, more personable and homey to dudes.

Now this crap usually erupts much later in the "campaigns", but given the 2008 head start, it's rearing it's ugly head earlier than usual. And, frankly, I DON'T WANT TO HAVE A BEER WITH ANY OF YOU MOTHERFUCKERS! I'M ELECTING YOU TO RUN THE COUNTRY SO I CAN GO HAVE A GODDAMN BEER IN PEACE WITHOUT WORRYING ABOUT ALL THE BULLSHIT!

I have a beer with many good friends every damn day! I love them all dearly, but running the motherf*cking country? Jesus-motherf*cking-c*nt-haired Christ, all of them AND MYSELF INCLUDED, can just roughly, on a good day, manage our own fucking lives squarely; could we really be responsible for the "fate" of 300 million Americans and the prestige and standing of America in the world? I think not.

And this is not to diss on my friends, many of whom are regular pygalgia readers/posters. After all, they wouldn't want me in charge either, and I don't blame them. My episodic rants of "Kill Bush" or "Send the Twin Bush C*nts to Iraq", probably (secretly) make them happy, but who knows when I'd be calling for everyone to join to the War On Terror/Global War Against Extremists/Jihad/Whatever-the-Fuck-We're-Calling-It these days
and force them to join up.

I don't want a President I can have a beer with - at all. I want a President that can govern, that has the foresight to see what issues are facing America: short-term and long-term, and can rally both the people and the legislature to support his/her view. I want a President that will level with the American people, and not equivocate. If I have to drive only 3 days a week because we're out of gas, then fucking tell me we're out of gas and let me deal. If we can or cannot provide health care insurance to the 47-60 million Americans that don't have it - I want a fucking CONCRETE answer WHY - not just platitudes about market forces and insurance industry pablum. If I need a certain presciption drug that is only provided by one manufacturer (who has written off development costs in the 1990s, but still charges full price), then I want the government to tromp in like Tony Soparno, put their foot on those companies balls and step down HARD until they give in.

I want our government to stop dilly-dallying around with the state of energy in this country. I mostly gave up driving my car; I changed all my lights to CFBs; I don't even run my heat in the winter (ask my girlfriend if you think I'm joking). Now, I'm not asking for a subsidy, but what about a little gov't action? Raise the fucking CAFE standards! Make incandescent bulbs illegal (like CA is doing)! Force research into alternative energy - to the tune of, I don't know 75 billion a year, instead of 1.5 billion?

I want my government to make it possible that everybody has a decent living wage. I know for a fact that I can never buy a house in my own hometown, unless my mother dies and leaves me lots of dough. And me?, worrying about buying a house?! I have several friends that are worried about dental work - which means they can't eat properly - which means they aren't as healthy as they should be - which means they are not performing at their maximal economic ability (for all you dumb-fuck Republicans that say tough shit, I'd remind you that they are not performing at their maximal output for you because they're too much in pain and worrying about their chipped tooth). I'm not saying free open-heart surgery for all, but when a colleague is having trouble because of a chipped f*cking tooth! then I'd say you're not doing your jobs.

Damn, I'm barely getting started on a rant and I haven't even mentioned international issues yet. Let's just say, that I'd be scared flying to HAWAII, which, as many of you governmental types don't know, is part of the United States! I've got to take off my shoes, have someone run a wand over my balls, and maybe even go through the "I can see your bones" detector just so I can visit another Americna state. I'd go visit San Diego, but I'm sure I won't be allowed to in a couplpe of years, unless I have a government-issued ID.

Anyway, this rant has gone on enough, and has varied from my major idea - that I'm so sick of politicians pandering to the "generalist" amongst us. Frankly, I want the politicans to take a stand - even if I don't agree with it. Maybe it's the early campaigning season or something, but I, like you, am goddam tired of it all.

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Besides, who wants a bunch of secret service agents in the bar.