Friday, March 30, 2007

dumpster divePART 3

Hi. I am stuck in the year 2013. What happened is i fell into a wormhole-dumpster i mistook as a regular one. In hindsight, shoulda had the new guy take out the trash that day...
(dear reader, perusing prior posts on this site, regarding Zymurgian's involuntary perigrination, or dumpster dive, may unfurrow yer brow.)
So, after having crawled out of that "dumpster", only to be whapped about by horrific wind, i met this cool chick who rescued me via some personal-teleportation device everyone apparently wears these days. I've only been in the future awhile, folks, but so far i've gleaned that, by 2013, vehicles have been rendered superfluous.! According to Jenisalaamefer, it all started seven years ago, with the personal cell phone craze. Now, in 2013, when you want to actually go somewhere(physically) all you gotta do is press a few buttons on a cell-phonish descendent called an i-trover. Oh, and did i mention that the future has no pavement? No more roads. Just fields of thick, verdant grass. But the gusters suck. And it's pretty fuckin hot, all the time, over here.

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