Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Art Farm

Do not click on this link unless you are really weird: I would post a pic, but then I wouldn't be able sleep tonight.


Anonymous said...

Does one of those remind you of Mr. Clean?

hapa said...

tattooed love pigs

SweaterMan said...

Don't faze me in the least, although I do have a really weird bent at times.

Swine are very - close isn't the correct word but it'll have to do - to many of the functions of the human body. Organs can be transplanted with success (and with lower levels of rejection drugs, I believe), we can use various parts, such as valves etc. in our own organs, so it's interesting, but not too crazy, that we'd decide to tattoo pigs. Hey, I've seen airbrushed cats. Tattooed hogs ain't buggin me out at all. Shit, I'm more worried about those crazy-assed genetic doctors of a few years ago who transplanted squid DNA into swine that made them phosphorescent. Glow-in-the-dark pigs are waaaaaaaaay more creepy than tattooed pigs.

Besides, as the famous saying goes: "But bacon is good; pork chops is gooooooooood".

And if you're a Bad Motherf*cker, you know exactly what I'm talkin' 'bout.

Gordon said...

Shoulda heeded yer warning. I wasn't weird when I went over there, but I am now.

Anonymous said...

Ok, back on my soapbox, but since pigs are so human-like, it is obvious that WE SHOULD NOT BE EATING PIGS. Pigs are smart, they know when they are to be slit and boiled. Raising them factory style is an environmental nightmare, poisoning groundwater, and making the air smell like, well, pigshit. Pigs are incredibly energy intensive to raise.Stop eating the swine