Friday, April 20, 2007

Cell Phone Rant

I may show myself to be a grouchy oldster here, but I was bothered by something yesterday. I was at my favorite microbrewery and, beer being beer, went to use the restroom. I'm standing at a urinal and another guy enters, talking away on his cell phone. He goes to the next urinal, and tells whoever he's talking to "yeah, I'm just taking a leak", then continues his rambling conversation. And I've had these type of encounters before.
Now, I'm comfortable with bodily functions. But is it a topic of phone conversation? Are people so tied to their phones that they feel a need to tell someone exactly what they're doing at every single moment?
I have a cell phone, but I don't like talking on the phone so I only use it to communicate specific information. "meet me at ..." type communication. I don't feel any need to communicate my bodily functions to someone as a phone conversation.
Am I alone in finding this annoying?


Tom Hilton said...

Am I alone in finding this annoying?

If I were the person on the other end of the call, I'd sure be annoyed. TMI and all that. ;-)

Pollywog said...

Don't even get me started. Try working in public service but having a no cell phone policy. It's how I spend most of my day, telling people to get off the goddamn phone. And they look at me like "How did you know I was on the phone?" Well, it's because I heard you across the whole building because you are talking at five times your regular volume because you can't get it through your thick fucking skull that technology have advanced enough that the person on the other line can hear every moronic thing you have to say. (Man, wouldn't Sweaterman be proud of me for that rant.)

pygalgia said...

Amen. Like your blog, by the way.

Gordon said...

no, you're not alone. My wife has one of those things, but she never turns it on. I hate the goddam things.

Gordon said...

BTW, some of us grouchy oldsters like to hear what others of our ilk have to say.

SweaterMan said...

Sweaterman is quite pleased Pollywog ;-).

The worst about it was that it's in public! It's one thing if he was at home by himself, talking to somebody he knew damn well. But I'm guessing his typical public conversations go something along the lines of:

Dude1: Dude, wazzup?
Dude2: Nothin', man. You?
Dude1: Scratchin' my nuts & havin'
a brew
Dude2: Yeah.
[LOUD background noise]
Dude2: What the fuck was that
Dude1: Dude, I so just ripped one.
Must've melted the bar
Dude1: (yelling) Hey, barkeep! Get
me another brewski!

Sometimes, oversharing is NOT cool.