Sunday, August 19, 2007

A local letter

In our local dead tree news, I read this "letter to the editor":

It's not whether to bomb Iran, but where

To the editor: William Rusher was a little off base with his "Should we drop the bombs on Iran" piece (Guest column, Aug. 1). It's not whether we should bomb Iran or not but where. Easy, easy -- this is, of course only after we establish clear and irrefutably that Iran is the source of the bombs that are killing our American soldiers. (By the way there is no generic American soldier, but there is someone's son or daughter.) Then we give them a clear and definite time to cease, as well as their nuclear developments that are purely weapons oriented or face the consequence.

No, we don't bomb populated areas, we go for their oil fields and their oil loading docks and we use neutron bombs which would render the site unapproachable much like Chernobyl is now in Russia. You don't get rid of your weed problems in your garden by cutting off a branch or the top -- you cut out their main source of sustenance. There will be little life lost and the problem will be solved and we'll get along okay and so will they. Hey Green Peacers, we got to get along without those sources of greenhouse gases anyhow.

This just may speed up the process.


Tuba City

I guess the propaganda machine is working. I kept hoping it was satire, but, sadly, I think he means it. And that scares me.

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FranIAm said...

Really - there are no generic soldiers, they are the sons and daughters of Americans.

Someone should let George Bush and Dick Cheney know that.

Wow, what a wacko.