Thursday, August 23, 2007

Should I Come out of Retirement?

Tonight I was asked to come out of "retirement" and return to play for my brewery's softball team. They need help at 3rd base, my old position, and the manager was almost begging. I have not played for 2 years, and I'm feeling my age. But I did a bit of workout, and I might have a few more games in me. The main question is my bad knee. The arm is still there, but the mobility might not be. And yes, I can still hit.
Readers, do you have any opinion? I know I cannot play at the level I used to be able to. I might still be able to help the team (the current 3rd baseman is a liability, and the team is in the hunt for the league title), but I'm not sure if my body will meet my expectations.
Should I come out of retirement?
Added: Remember that I don't have health insurance.


Demeur said...

Have you considered playing first base and moving the first baseman to third? As for insurance I hope we'll get that problem resolved in the next year or so.

pygalgia said...

Not an option. The guy on 1st is less than mobile.

Suzy said...

Well … can you play w/o throwing your whole body into it? Will you remember your physical limitations in the heat of the moment? And still have fun? Then do it. If you're going to be pressured to hurt yourself for the team, maybe not.

pygalgia said...

It's a pretty serious league. I'd be playing "all out" to contribute.

Anonymous said...

I'd hate to pass up a chance to play if I really like to play.

Only you know what aches and pains you'll live with as a result.

I'd go for it. But then you read how I live.....lkcjd

pygalgia said...

Update: another friend, who's younger and more ready, may take the position. I'm back in training, but the pressure is off.