Thursday, August 23, 2007

Renzi's Out!

Finally some good news! My own corrupt congress-critter, Rick Renzi isn't running for re-election:

I had been hearing a lot of talk in local political circles that this was coming (he wasn't actively raising funds), but now it's official.
Now I have to find a new corrupt congress-critter to dedicate my pigs to.


Distributorcap said...

those pigs are smarter than Renzi...

i read somewhere that pigs are way up the ranking pole in intelligence behind humans (except for any bush), apes and dolphins

pygalgia said...

Quite true. Pigs actually are very smart, wonderful animals. So it is really unfair when I use pigs as a symbol of corruption. But they do have an iconic value. So think of the pigs as symbolism, not real pigs.