Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Shrub vs. Strawman

When my masochistic side needs a good working over, I listen to our shrub. Today's speech to the VFW inflicted so much pain that it should be banned under the Geneva conventions.

Our shrub attacked a number of "strawmen" during the course of the speech, but our useless media won't be calling him on it. Some samples:

Now, I know some people doubt the universal appeal of liberty, or worry that the Middle East isn't ready for it. Others believe that America's presence is destabilizing, and that if the United States would just
leave a place like Iraq those who kill our troops or target civilians would no longer threaten us.


In the aftermath of Japan's surrender, many thought it naive to help the Japanese transform themselves into a democracy. Then as now, the critics argued that some people were simply not fit for freedom. Some said Japanese culture was inherently incompatible with democracy.


Finally, there's Vietnam. This is a complex and painful subject for many Americans. The tragedy of Vietnam is too large to be contained in one speech. So I'm going to limit myself to one argument that has particular significance today. Then as now, people argued the real problem was America's presence and that if we would just withdraw, the killing would end.

Who are these "some people"? I've decided that our shrub should be diagnosed as psychotic. He's delusional and hearing voices.


Bing said...

That is a fantastic graphic! I am putting together my rhetoric and argument class (Lesson 5: "Call your opponent a pigfucker." Haha.) I am totally going to find a way to work it in. Maybe put it on my syllabus. Yay!


pygalgia said...

Please do. I tend to collect pics off the inter-tubes that I might use later. By the time I get around to using them, I've forgotten where I found them.

FranIAm said...

Oh my. I feel so ill.

Great post pygalgia.

Anonymous said...

I swear the man is sounding nuttier all the time.

I watched it, too. Why?

The way he turns the pages of his speech booklet drives me crazy.

I wish he'd go back to those random jaw gyrations. They bothered me less than the obvious page turning does.

fairlane said...

This mo' fo' is text fucking book sociopath.

He doesn't care if we know he's lying. He's superior to everyone else, and other people's opinions are meaningless, as they themselves are meaningless.

Sometimes I think Strawman is the way to go. Why waste your time debating with a damn fool?"

Simply say, "You're a damn fool."

And if they persist, smack them about the head and face.

cognitorex said...

A man with no social skills and exhibiting inadequate maturity, who beyond all belief systems has been the titular head of the free world for years with out exhibiting an iota of personal growth or leadership now delivers a speech that even Rush Lindbaugh, Ann Coulter and Laura Graham are going to be challenged to weave into a right-wing hateful war cry.
What was his point? Aaaaaaaaagh!

Distributorcap said...

gold star for having the stomach to listen to him........

i wish he was only psychotic ---- he is worse.