Thursday, November 29, 2007

Gift Idea

Via Father Tyme at BlondSense, here's a very cool, cheap Christmas (or any other time) gift idea:
Tired of spending big bucks for Christmas gifts that your friends only use till the middle of January? Here's a practical gift that says you care...and it's free! Well, except for a
piece of heavy card stock and learning to use scissors, I mean.

While I'm sure some of our friends in the northeast and midwest may scoff at this,
remember FEMA!

Click on the picture to enlarge then save it to a folder, print, cut and assemble and you're protected.

Oh, and it's kinda cool in the bedroom, also.

Having grown up in San Francisco, I'm always aware of earthquakes. I might make myself one (if I can get my semi-dead antique printer to agree).

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ellroon said...

Any dangly thing like a chain on a lamp is a good indicator too. How much the glasses rattle in the loudly I scream...

Outside, it's harder to gauge. My husband has see waves in the cement walkways coming at him, and the trees whipping back and forth.

I think I have enough indicators....