Saturday, December 1, 2007

Noam goes home

Archeologists working in Mongolia have recently exhumed a dinosaur skeleton of the like never found before. Because these scientists prefer to listen to recordings of the band Dire Straits while digging, they decided to name this bundle of bones knopflersaurus, after Mark Knopfler of the band Dire Straits.
Now, most of ya'll are oblivious to this but I happen to have a pet dinosaur.(in our archives if ye really give a crap) One day, a dinosaur hopped out of a time travel device- disguised as a dumpster- and nosed its way to my house. It lay mewling and bawling and lost on my doorstep, only because it was attracted to my scent. Folks, I, as well, was once vacuumed into a time travel device that was disguised as a dumpster. I went to 2011,(see archives) but somehow made it back...Anyway, I was an involuntary time traveler, and so was said dinosaur. There is a certain musk one gleans when one time travels, discernable only to those of same affliction.
I named it(soon to be known as a she) Noam. To be sure, Noam was at times quite charming
(and really affectionate..which i won't espouse upon just yet) But her diet- Noam was into devouring books- proved too daunting for this household.
Noam was a good-enough dinosaur. Gorgeous. Lithe. Stupid. Indomitable.
But I never knew exactly what sort of Jurassic hitch-hiker i had on my hands... and now I know that Noam is, in fact, a Knopflersaurus.
Twas a hard decision to make- but i had to send Noam back to her own time. She had simply wreacked too much havoc in our time, and I knew that she was traumatized and alone and longing for her Cenzoic pals...
I stood by the dumpster(looks like one but it's a time travel device) And played "Sultans Of Swing" over and over again until Noam came bounding along like a ten ton beagle.
Noam leapt into the "dumpster" and is, I hope, back in her proper time.
Befriending a six-million year old knopflersaurus don't happen every day.
Damn, I'm gonna miss her.
Farewell, Noam.

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pygalgia said...

Good timing. I don't think Noam would have enjoyed spending the winter out back. The Knopflersaurus doesn't like cold. And another "barnes and noble" incident would have gotten all of us in trouble.