Monday, November 26, 2007

Proof of Something

There are all kinds of stories of deities showing up in food, but this one is the greatest I've seen:

This is not a joke. The Flying Spaghetti Monster has appeared to us in a pumpkin pie. Bless his noodley appendages!The Manefesto is home to many things,

but rarely is it the place of divine revelation. OnThanksgiving night, the Great Divine Deity of Pasta made an appearance in a pumpkin pie baked by no other than my wife, Miranda.

I do not know why we were selected for such a blessing, but we receive it with glad and open hearts.

No, you will not find it on eBay with such commercial sluts as the virgin Mary grilled cheese, or the gay Jesus in a pancake. I will not defame his greatness in this manner.

The photo is not doctored in any way, neither was the (delicious) pie. I will be sending full, hi-res versions to the church for verification. I assume they will sing pirate shanteys to herald its arrival.

To those of you who did not believe before: believe now. His Pastafarian power extends beyond the spaghetti and the ravioli. It inhabits all food in all time and all space. His noodles are of infinite length and omnipotent power.

Praise the pastafarian one with pie!


Demeur said...

Is this what happened to the great pumpkin? Hope he was delicious.

Anonymous said...

Hungry and it's 2am, I can't eat now, can I?

Well, maybe just one slice of deity.

gandhisxmas said...

Hahaha...I knew Richard Dawkins was wrong! The Flying Spaghetti monster does exist!

Ed said...

If only he would touch me with his noodly appendage! Then I could truly believe.

ellroon said...

You ATE it? Now what can you sell on eBay?

ellroon said...

I mean... eBay is God. Right?

Off to eat some noodles and contemplate..

zymurgian said...

and now it's on top of our microwave.