Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thug Debate

In a fit of masochism, I watched last nights rethug debate. What a waste of time. CNN's choice of pandering questions, a bunch of white guys trying to out pander each other over stupid issues to play to the base, and the obligatory swipes at Hillary. Immigrant bashing was the main topic, but there was time for "God, Guns, and Gays" and "war is swell" rhetoric (except Ron Paul). Every one of the candidates scares me, as did almost all of the people in the YouTube questions. None of these men should ever be allowed to be President. But the one who scares me the most is Mike Huckabee. He's as crazy as the rest, but he has the ability to look and sound sane (at least when compared to Rudy and Mitt and Fred and Duncan and Tom and John and Ron) and sell himself to the fundies.
The real problem is that the Republican media machine will latch onto the eventual nominee, and we'll get months of propaganda about how candidate "X" represents the "real America" and "values". And Huckabee looks like someone they can sell to the public.
Added: And I agree with Gandhisxmas's post below.


gandhisxmas said...

And I agree with your post above...

I didnt see the whole debate, just snippets. Ya, the velociraptors really take to tearing each other apart. Poor Ron Paul, I wonder what the hell he is doing with that crowd.

Huckabee is nuts, and the fundie base loves him. Good God, could you imagine a prez that really does not believe in evolution?

pygalgia said...

Well, I believe that our current pres. is a result of de-evolution, so it's not that much of a stretch.

Jess Wundrun said...

I have avoided all the debates so far, the asses and the elephants. By my thinking, since each one you watch actually makes you dumber, by now I am a GENIUS!!!!

(I agree that the whole field is scary. I am wishing for a Giuliani candidacy, because current polls aside he is eminently beatable. Huckabee is the truly scary scenario.)

Anonymous said...

In a fit of masochism...

Best line I've read all night.

I agree with your assessment and with Ghandisxmas. We're being sold a bad bill of goods on these candidates. The media wants to tell us that we're a conservative nation as defined by the Christian and Economic fundies.

It just aint' true. I know more people who don't go to church than who do. And I'm in Georgia!