Friday, November 30, 2007

Rain and Roof

I'm very happy that it's raining.

I'm rather unhappy about how much the roof is leaking.

Just sharing. So I'll share this:


Anonymous said...

Oh, can't someone blow this monkey already.

I'd offer to do it, but....well....

Distributorcap said...


sadly no one could even think of giving him a blow job ---- not even Pickles

--mf said...

Heh. Seems like your landlord fixed it but good, eh?

Jeebus-- this was your worst nightmare when they started their late-season re-roof project.

I am really sorry to hear that you were right on the whole thing. Were they "finished" with the job, or is it still in progress?

It looks like you all in in for a good winter storm over the next few days. Stay well, and I sure do hope that everything turns out OK.

BTW-- I'm transferring a batch of Northern Brewer's "Winter Ale" ( ) to Secondary, today. O.G.=1.047, F.G. (so far= 1.010). I suspect that this will be a good, strong beer for the New Year. It smells absolutely delicious, but I just tried a sample-- the spicing is still a bit overpowering of the rest of the beer. Especially the cloves. We'll see, I s'pose.


pygalgia said...

MF: Actually, they never got started. There is a pile of material on the side of the house, but nothing else. Oh well, at least I don't have to worry about having to move as fallout from the mortgage meltdown, as the landlord inherited the house and hasn't taken loans against it.
Dcup and Dcap: Hey, I'm hetero but I would "take one for the team" if the secret service ever let me close enough.