Wednesday, February 10, 2010

38 Days Until Spring

But only 19 days until the start of baseball spring training, thank your chosen deity. We're getting a little more snow today, and I am personally quite sick of it. I wish there were a practical way to ship some of my excess snow to Vancouver, B.C., as they need it for the Winter Olympics. As, I'm sure, the east coast would be happy to do. Back east, they're getting so much snow that the TV weather people are running out of cliches.
I really wish February were even shorter.

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Greendayman said...

We are in the blank, purgatorian, waiting zone between football and baseball.

Basketball will be good excuse for drinking with friends, but we are all in the cellar listening to Eric Clapton on the Yamaha before you know it. Just the way it is. -g