Thursday, February 11, 2010

Guess Who's Turning 46 Today?

Today is the 46th birthday (b. 2/11/64) of America's most famous moose hunting, palm reading, ex-governor, the one still writing crib notes on her hand like a junior high student. So the next time someone asks you "could she really be president?", you can answer "yes. She's over 35."

Feel free to add your thoughts.


Phil said...

". . . yes. She's over 35."

Yeah, but are you talkin' age, or I.Q.?

pygalgia said...

Well, strictly speaking, the constitution doesn't say anything about an "IQ" requirement. Witness our 43rd president.

Phil said...

Riiight, but maybe it should. Regardless of what Palin's IQ score is (and I wouldn't expect much over 85), 43's will be at least 6 points lower.