Friday, February 12, 2010

Winter Olympics

Tonight is the opening of the Winter Olympics. If you're like me, and I know I am, you're excited for Curling, which starts Tuesday.

What, you think I'm kidding?

I'm not. I love curling. It is the most delightfully ridiculous sport around. Shuffleboard on ice, with brooms. Tension, drama, and a pace that only Baseball can rival. A beer drinkers ideal sport.

And I know I'm not alone. A number of my friends will be joining me at the local pub to drink beer and cheer on the curlers. We even talked about setting up our own 'sheet' (yes, that's what the course is called) in the alley behind the pub, if we can find someone to loan us a Zamboni. And some brooms.


Southern Quebec said...

I have been told by sources in the know that Zombonis are not used in curling. Maybe you could start a trend.

The cool thing about curling, is that you get to yell, "Harder, Harder" at the top of your lungs while sweeping the ice. :)

Mauigirl said...

Love curling, it is so bizarre and fun to watch! I have a Canadian friend so of course she is into the curling too, so we will enjoy watching it. It's not as if you get to see it much on American TV otherwise!

pygalgia said...

SQ, we would need some way to groom the ice in the alley (it's really lumpy), so a Zamboni seemed like the best answer.
Mauigirl, that's why we love it.