Sunday, February 7, 2010

Observing the National Ritual

Ah, the Super Bowl. The great national ritual. An unofficial national holiday.
As an American, I will, of course, participate. I enjoy watching football, and my favorite pub is having a large party with an even larger buffet. And beer. Must include beer.
The bets are in, the pools are picked. I'm rooting for the Saints, as my beloved 49ers aren't anywhere near the game. I figure New Orleans might (just maybe) throw a better party than Indianapolis, so I'm on that bandwagon.
Super Bowl XLIV...I've always wondered why they're counted in 'Roman' numerals...the Romans never won the Super Bowl. They never even played in one.
Besides, we all need a break from politics sometimes.


Phil said...

"Besides, we all need a break from politics sometimes."

Great! I'll take mine at the end of May (Indy 500). I've never watched a Super Bowl, see no good reason to start now.

Fearguth said...

Being as I am a long-time resident of Dallas County, I was, for about 20 years (mid-60s to mid-80s), a diehard Cowboys fan. I haven't watched them play since. And I have no recollection of watching a Superbowl contest since, uh, I forget when.