Monday, February 8, 2010

Repealing DADT

It really seems obvious to me that it's a bad policy, and needs to be repealed, so here's one of the most cogent arguments that I've read. Not to be frivolous, but I did love this comment:

It is my long- and deeply-held belief not only that baseball is more important than religion, but also that it is an abomination to support the Red Sox. I am not alone, either. In fact I think that is the majority view in the armed forces.

And yet, I still am required to serve with those openly supporting the Red Sox. I have to write their FitReps with a completely blind eye to what I see as a glaring lack of judgment and morals. I am forced to share living quarters and shower facilities with them, even though I find “Red Sox Nation” tattoos to be patently offensive. I don’t want the government to tell my children it’s OK to be a Red Sox fan.

This is a real morale and unit cohesion issue. My beliefs are constantly being steamrolled and ignored to accommodate a slim minority of service members. But I still show the tolerance that I am required to by law.

I'd substitute the Dodgers for the Red Sox, but the point is that discrimination based on "beliefs" is flat out wrong. We all have to share parts of our world with people who have different beliefs, and most of us deal with it without resorting to hatred. Heck, some (well, one) of my best friends is a Dodgers fan.
(BTW, the comment is from a MilBlog on the debate; there's a lot of arguments based on religion in the debate, which is why I so enjoyed the Baseball analogy)

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Anonymous said...

That's a good analogy, especially, if you'd insert Dodgers in the place of BoTox Nation. I'm a lifelong Giants fan and things are quite comportable in PDX for us.