Friday, February 26, 2010

The Coffee Party


You knew that there had to be an alternative to the Tea Party insanity; now, behold the "Coffee Party":

Our message to Congress: You work for us, not for corporations. We hired you and we get to fire you. We pay you and give you great health insurance. Now get to work serving the interests of the American people, or get out.

Anyone who wants our government to function in the interest of ordinary Americans, not corporations, is welcome to join this movement.

It's not about coffee or tea. It's about this simple question: are we as Americans getting the leadership and representation we need from our elected officials? If we can all agree we have, increasingly, not been well represented, how do we change this?
Many Americans reject the idea of working with the federal government or participating responsibly in the democratic process. For whatever reason, they have declared war on our government, and on our President. This is a destructive path.

Our focus is on the democratic process. We want to encourage everyone--no matter their positions on issues--to participate in the process in a civil and responsible way.

We want the political process broken down into three steps:
1) open and respectful dialogue
2) thoughtful and informed deliberation
3) competent and decisive execution.

While I somehow doubt that logic can have an impact on our current political circus, I do wish that this could work. We'll see if this has any legs, but I'll keep taking a look at them. After all, I much prefer coffee to tea.


mahakal said...

All of this caffeine party nonsense, hyping us up...

I'm with the pot party, by whatever name you want to call it.

Phil said...

Coffee Party good, Pot Party better.

pygalgia said...

While I mostly agree, I'm old enough to remember what happened to political "activism" when the 'pot party' became involved. There was a certain level of energy depletion, if you know what I mean.

Demeur said...

Let me guess Py the pot party forgot to show up at their meetings. :-)

Demeur said...

Alas I dug through their site to see what they are about. They don't have a clue as to how government really works, but then again neither does the Tea Party.

mahakal said...

Energy depletion? No, I don't know what you mean. Where I live is FULL of pot activists.