Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Canadian Bird

I have come to the conclusion that Grizelda, my bird, is actually Canadian. I base this on the fact that she boisterously sings along anytime "Oh, Canada" comes on as we watch the Olympics. She doesn't do this for any other songs, and completely ignores the "Star-Spangled Banner" (which I can sort of understand; it is rather un-singable). Her taste in music is different than mine; she likes avant-garde jazz, which I'm rarely in the mood for, and ignores jam rock, which I usually play. But because I'm a good people, I've downloaded several versions of "Oh, Canada" for her pleasure. She may not sing well, but she sure does sing loud when she hears any of them.

So I have a very rare type of bird, the Canadian Grey Cockatiel.


Lockwood said...

Laurie Anderson commented in the performance I saw her give in Portland that the US is unique in having a national anthem that amounts to a series of questions about a piece of cloth.

I'm not Canadian, but I agree with your bird.

Fearguth said...

Does Grizelda like 'The Lumberjack Song'?

pygalgia said...

Fearguth: nah...she doesn't react much to most music. Monty Python isn't to her taste.
The only other music that excites her seems to be Thelonius Monk.

Fearguth said...

Speaking of music, I see that moe. will be playing at the Orpheum Theatre on the 28th. Wish I could be there!

pygalgia said...

I will be there for moe.
Also coming up at the Orpheum, Stockholm Syndrome on March 10th. An absolute "don't miss" in my book.

Fearguth said...

Stockholm Syndrome is on my 'don't miss' list, too.