Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Summit Analysis

While it doesn't count for much, I formed some opinions while watching the "health care summit" (yes, I have too much time on my hands) and they may not be in line with others. But that's why I have a blog.
Obama was who he is: smart, professorial, and coldly logical. He tried to have a fact based debate, assuming 'good faith', on where the plans were at. He offered concessions, again based on facts and logic. He was politely confrontational, which is a bit of a verbal art in its own right.
And he lost.
One of our largest problems is between 'government' and 'politics', where it becomes a game of "win/lose", rather than addressing problems. But that is the current situation. Talking points do now trump policy.
Obama lost because he's playing the wrong game. He's leading the debate club into a rugby scrum. He's assuming that an intelligent argument will actually persuade politicians who have bet their careers on not being persuaded. Intellectually he won, but emotionally he lost. Yeah, he had "facts" on his side, but reality doesn't matter to the right. He did try to use logic versus rhetoric; didn't work.
I do really wish that I lived in a world where logic and intelligence would lead policy. I also want a unicorn. And free dope for life.
The media will focus on the "Obama vs. McCain" confrontation, but I believe that was a sideshow. What I found exceptionally telling was at the end: Obama offered the repubs McConnell and Boehner a chance to make "closing statements" and both declined. Yes, Obama had already eviscerated there previous lies. But they mostly meant "we're against anything you're trying to do", but they don't intend to come right out and say it. I'm almost reminded of the line "you can't negotiate with...". Fill in the blank yourself, and you've probably named the current republican party.


Emily said...

Screw the unicorn...if you had enough dope, you wouldn't NEED a unicorn. :)

Demeur said...

I think he was giving them one last chance to bring about intelligent dialogue but yet again they stuck to their talking points. My impression of the end was that he'll do this by reconciliation. I see Reid is going to bring up another jobs bill next week. So that said I think the Dems will just boil a frog, you know, slowly turn up the heat by passing bills in bits until the frog is boiled.
Yet again MSM is spreading the bull shit that America is against Obama's plan.