Tuesday, February 23, 2010


The Senate achieved cloture on the "jobs" bill, by a vote of 62-30. Yay, I suppose. The newbie truck driving cosmo centerfold 'bravely' crossed party lines, causing multiple tantrums at tea parties.
In reality, the $15 billion bill won’t do much to create jobs. It's a weak effort in the face of near 10% unemployment, like taking an aspirin when you have a double compound fracture. Better than nothing, but no where near enough to address the problem.
Politically, it's somewhat perplexing that 30 senators would vote against "jobs" at a time like this. Opposing "jobs" should be political suicide. But that's our current situation. Gridlock and obstruction are seen by one party to be preferable to attempting to solve problems.
I suppose I should feel some happiness that the senate actually got a step closer to actually do something, but this bill is very weak tea.

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