Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Way Too Much Snow

Oh, my...I didn't even mention this weeks snow. It was only a few more inches, and I'm fucking sick of snow. But reading today's local news rag, I found out that we've gotten more snow than any other city in the continental U.S.:

Flagstaff is beating most U.S. cities large and small this year for snowfall, having already surpassed the average snowfall for an entire winter of 109 inches.

There has been 118 inches of snow -- nearly 10 feet -- here so far. The normal through Feb. 22 is 72 inches.

Among cities over 100,000 in population, Syracuse, N.Y., leads the list. But its 86 inches to date is nearly 3 feet less than Flagstaff, a city of about 60,000, has received.

Flagstaff -- 118

Syracuse, N.Y. -- 86

Baltimore -- 80

Burlington, Vt. -- 73.8

Philadelphia -- 73.1

Fort Collins, Colo. -- 68

Buffalo, N.Y. -- 67.5

Des Moines, Iowa -- 62.3

Washington, D.C. -- 56

Anchorage, Alaska -- 44.4

Minneapolis -- 40.6

Boston -- 35.4

Portland, Maine -- 35.4

Salt Lake City -- 25

We're 50 inches ahead of Fort Collins, CO. That is just not right. And we've got more coming.

March is typically Flagstaff's most snow-filled month, however, and national forecasters are giving better-than-average odds of more precipitation next month.

Can I scream now? Any wealthy readers want to by me a plane ticket to the Bahamas? Because I'm ready to run away from home.


Fearguth said...

I used to dream of living in an A-frame in the woods north of Flagstaff. Not any more.

Lockwood said...

Ouch! This has definitely been an extreme winter for the US. Crazy stuff.

Southern Quebec said...

Move to southern Quebec. We have had virtually no snow this winter. We had a couple of inches yesterday, but it came down as slush, so will be gone in about a day or so. And it's warm. A local person told me their crocus' are blooming. The outdoor skating rinks are finished.

I thought Canadians went to Arizona for the winter because it was warm!

Mauigirl said...

Yikes, had no idea you were getting so much snow this year! This has been a strange winter, for sure!