Sunday, July 8, 2007

Weddings and Bars

I just performed a wedding in a bar (yes, I am an ordained minister) . Some may wonder why people get married, but this one was clear. He's going for a fifth deployment. She just got back from Iraq. Short story: they both are serving our country. He's a Marine, she's Army Reserve. They wanted to be married before he left. So I was happy to wed them.
The next person who tells me that I "don't support the troops" better be ready to tell a marine.
(and yes, that is the couple who got married).


Anonymous said...

I'd say "lucky guy," because she's so cute. But no one who's going for a fifth deployment in Iraq can in any way be described as "lucky." I hope he comes back.

pygalgia said...

Amen. They're really nice folk, and I'm honored that they asked me to wed them.