Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Shrub is Getting More Delusional

Our shrub is using Iran as a justification for the missle defense shield, but to me it sounds like the delusional ravings of a paranoid schizophrenic:

Our intelligence community assesses that, with continued foreign assistance, Iran could develop an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching the United States and all of Europe before 2015. If it chooses to do so, and the international community does not take steps to prevent it, it is possible Iran could have this capability. And we need to take it seriously -- now.

Today, we have no way to defend Europe against the emerging Iranian threat, so we must deploy a missile defense system there that can.


The various nutcase ravings about the "need to attack Iran" are getting crazier with each passing week, but this one is just plain insane. The missle defense shield doesn't work, so we must use it to defend ourselves from weapons that don't exist, because Iran might someday attack us? What's next? Iran might develop flying zombie vampire pigs someday, so we must attack them now?


ellroon said...

Flying zombie vampire pigs? Quick! We could make a gazillion dollars if we develop a defense missile for just such a crisis!

You start designing the missiles, I'll go and start cloning zombies, vampires and pigs. We can strap wings on them and catapult them into the air....

Distributorcap said...

yet they still bow down the great and mighty commander guy


the people who think he is doing a good job are even more insane

pygalgia said...

I'll have to figure out the missle thing, Ellroon, but I'm now #4 on the google for "flying zombie vampire pigs" so I think you're right. This is a threat for our times.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if those flying pigs go non-stop Atlanta to Hawaii?

Anonymous said...

This is unacceptable. The bloggers must not be allowed to develop flying pig technology.

Anonymous said...

Did you say "Zombie Vampire Pigs?"

Holy shit, I need to stock up on Garlic, and quick.

Bing said...

I had really hoped that "flying zombie vampire pigs" was going to be a link, but alas. You tease!

What a great pic for the 800th post, by the way. It's my new desktop, if you don't mind.


pygalgia said...

Yeah, I wish I could find a link for "flying zombie vampire pigs", but I think that they're all redacted.
I'm flattered that you liked the pic that much. Feel free to use it.

Suzy said...

Ellroon, damn it! You stole my comment again. And on a different blog than yesterday! Are you my long lost twin?

On a different note: flying zombie vampire pigs -- great name for a band!