Friday, November 2, 2007

He Vetoed What?

OK, this is mind numbingly stupid. Shrub vetoed the water resources development act, even though it passed congress with enough support to override the veto?

President Bush has yet to be truly challenged on any of his vetoes of Democratic bills this year.

But with his Friday veto of the water resources development act, known by the acronym WRDA, Bush may have finally found something that unifies Congress against the veto pen.

The WRDA bill passed both chambers of Congress with much more than the two-thirds margin required to override a veto, but the White House has decided to create a confrontation over spending in the bill because $9 billion was added to the measure, which funds water infrastructure projects around the nation. The legislation's total cost is about $23 billion, and it has won such widespread support in Congress because it would help with hurricane protection, flood mitigation and wetlands restoration.

In light of the water crisis in Georgia, and pending water shortages around the country, the WRDA bill is actually way too little, too late. But this might be the stupidest veto I've seen in my lifetime. Shrub is a lame duck, so he has nothing to lose. But the country does. Earlier this week, he was bitching about congress not getting appropriations bills to his desk. Now he vetoes another one.

We deserve better.

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Distributorcap said...

this is all political calculation -- he knows it will be over-ridden -- and it will make his GOP cronies who are running for re-election look good

i know it sounds grassy knoll --- but there was no other reason to veto this bill.......