Thursday, December 6, 2007

Way Too Dumb

Mutt Romney gave his speech "on faith" and proved that he is way too stupid to be president by saying this:
ROMNEY: “Freedom requires religion just as religion requires freedom.”

Anyone who knows even the smallest smattering of history would know that this is absolutely false, not true, stupid, and dangerous.
(lots of other blogs have done more lengthy critiques of Romney's speech. I'll keep mine simple)


Justin said...

I think it is funny how the Christian fundies think the mormons are a crazy cult. Thats too much!Who woulda thought the kookoos thought others were even more kookoo.

All this God talk the GOP does, it is worrisome. Huckabee, out of his mind. Romney, a greed elite that feels he must only defend his religious beliefs. All GOP candidates debating who stands closest to Jesus. Strange days indeed.

s. douglas said...

It goes right along with the "Freedom is Slavery," "War is Peace," and "Ignorance is Strength" agenda.

I'd say he's simply being consistent.

Fran said...

He is an idiot and no one needs to practice faith if they do not wish.

Any questions?

cognitorex said...

I agree mon amis!

From liberal Massachusetts where Romney campaigned on what the electorate wanted to hear, i.e. religious and social tolerance re gays, abortion, etc, to Philadelphia, thoughts of enlightenment heralding reason and science were the philosophical backbone of a great new country.

Voltaire on hearing Romney's new mantra invoked in his "Freedom requires religion" line sat bolt upright. Actually he bumped his head which vexed him all the more.

"Theese Romney fellow is such a slut" he said. "He makes the liar, Karl Rove, seem pristine and chaste in hees willingness to throw the Constitution under the autobus."

Mauigirl said...

What really irked me is that Romney didn't even mention the possibility that people who don't have any religion are part of the country as well as all those people of faith he was talking about.