Saturday, March 29, 2008


Zymurgian and I are talking about neckties. I admit that I know how to tie a windsor. My father was a politician, so I had to wear a necktie. With my father gone, I haven't worn a tie in more than a decade. But I still know how to tie a Windsor. The necktie is no longer used for it's original purpose, which was to be a knapkin. In an earlier time, this was a valuable skill. To wipe your face, and still look good. Can you tie a tie?


Anonymous said...

I can tie one for someone else, but I doubt I could tie one that I'm wearing!

Jess Wundrun said...

Good thing neckties came on the scene before kleenex was invented, or ties would look like a towel dispenser at a gas station restroom.

I used to date a guy who obsessed on getting the perfect dimple set just below the knot.

I can tie a tie.

ellroon said...

No. I can't. But my husband, sons and daughter can.

Why on earth would you want something around your neck that allows total strangers the option of strangling you, anyway?