Sunday, June 28, 2009

Evening Observations

From spending a few hours sitting at a bar drinking beer and watching baseball:

A LOT of liberals are getting pissed at Obama. They are disappointed. They expected more on (health care, gay rights, ending wars, etc), and bigger changes. I'm not. I knew Obama was much more a corporatist moderate than a liberal savior. All I expected him to be is more competent and sensible than McCain or Shrub. When your expectations are low, you're rarely disappointed.

A woman I was chatting with had the best line on Michael Jackson: "Well, during the 80's, I liked him better than Ronald Reagan." I spit beer laughing at that.

My favorite bartender does the worlds best Billie Mays impersonation. I had no idea who "Billie Mays" was before tonight (I don't pay much attention to TV), except that I recognize him as "that really annoying guy." But when the bartender starts using that voice to sell you another beer, it's time to leave.

And the Arizona Diamondbacks are a really bad baseball team this year. Thank goodness I'm a Giants fan.

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