Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Sky was Yellow

There's a big fire burning in Sycamore Canyon, and the smoke is so heavy that the sky is yellow here in town. Not good for breathing.
Added: Details for local readers: Wildfire blankets region in smoke


SweaterMan said...

Damn. We drove back up from PHX this afternoon and hit the rim climb right at sunset. Haven't seen a glow like that for a couple of years, since the fire on old 66 a few years ago. Luckily, the wind was still, but the forecast says gusts as high as 30 mph tomorrow, so I hope they're calling every available crew out.

Whole house smells like smoke now (9:40 PM); you just know this is going to blanket the town overnight and play hell with folsk with respiratory problems.

pygalgia said...

I have a feeling that we'll both be hitting our inhalers today. Breathing; it's the one addiction I've never gotten over.