Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Or rather, the lack thereof. Lost power to half of my little grotto on Sunday. Resetting the circuit breaker didn't work, nor did replacing it. So yesterday the landlord sent a real electrician (which I certainly am not). Four hours later, he identified that there's a short deep inside my walls. Since the wiring in my little dump is from the Ben Franklin era, he's coming back today to basically rewire the whole place (I'm running off a long extension cord right now), so my world is going to be disrupted today.
The joys of modern living.
(added: the electrician said he'd be here at 9:00 am, called to say he'd be here by 10:00, and it's now 12:30...and...no electrician. What is wrong with these people?)
Double added: it's all fixed now. Nice guys tore my place apart, but they did their best to put it back together. Bottom line: it works.

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urland said...

Sorry to hear that bro. You know about trade folks. They are chronically late, don't clean up after themselves, etc. Especially since the lord of the land is not going to hire the best. And sometimes it really is a matter of having another job that throws you off schedule. It would be nice to get a bloody phone call though.