Friday, September 25, 2009

Stopping Terrorists

What a difference a new administration makes. Compare how Obama's team handles the arrest of accused terrorists to how shrub and crew acted:
The FBI has apparently disrupted a terror plot centered on Najibullah Zazi of Colorado; it conducted a sting operation that led to the arrest yesterday of a man charged with attempting to blow up a Dallas skyscraper; and it conducted another sting that led to the arrest of a Muslim convert in Illinois who allegedly tried to detonate what he believed was a bomb outside a federal courthouse.
But where are the huge press conferences with the Attorney General calling the accused "enemy combatants"? Where's the color coded fear mongering? Where's the suspension of Habeaus Corpus?
Instead, we're seeing criminal charges in courtrooms as a result of solid FBI/Police work. And an administration quietly going about conducting their jobs.
The Cheney said Obama was making us 'less safe", but the facts prove otherwise. Which is just another reason that no one should ever listen to the Cheney.

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