Friday, January 22, 2010

So Nice, I'll Do It Twice

(added: the view from my door)
That was sarcasm, folks.
I got a path cleared from my door, so that I could get out. Then I returned the borrowed shovel.
While I was gone, the landlord sent people out to clear the snow off the roof (which is a good thing).
So I returned to find my doorway buried five feet deep in snow.
So after digging out, I got to dig back in.
I'm sick of snow.
And, damn, my shoulder is killing me.
Next year, I'm migrating south for the winter.


urland said...

Sorry the shoulder is acting up. I've been doing a bunch of shoveling as well. Did more at work today since the building I work in has this habit of dropping large amounts of snow off the roof. Had a compacted four foot high, four foot thick wall to knock a hole through. I guess the structural engineers forgot to check Bookman's when Hasting's roof collapsed last year. There are pictures on the Daily Sun website in case you had not seen them. Hope the shoulder feels better.

Demeur said...

Follow the boobies I'm sure they know where to go. And I knew there was a reason to move where I did. Thanks for reminding me.