Saturday, November 20, 2010

TSA Fetishism

So, all the kerfuffle about the TSA's 'enhanced' security pat downs kinda got me wondering: what about that segment of the population who would enjoy the fondling? As anybody who's surfed the internet knows, somewhere there is a fan of any type of fetish you can possibly imagine. So I'm sure that there are people out there thinking "The TSA will touch my junk? Yeah, I like that." After all, there are lots of folks who can't get anyone else to touch their crotch.

Imagine the scene at the security checkpoint:

"I'll take the pat down."

"Yes, yes. Oooh, a little more to the right."

"That's the spot. Please, don't stop."

And after the 'happy ending', the passenger slips a twenty in the security screeners belt

I'm willing to bet that a story like this will be coming out soon, followed by a bunch of TSA fetish porn on the internet. Anybody wanna take that bet?


Fearguth said...

Reminds me of the Bill Murray character in Little Shop of Horrors.

Lockwood said...

Set aside for the funnies tomorrow, but highly relevant here...

Vigilante said...

Scan my ass and see if I care! And scan your junk, too! I'm down with that! Bettern' than sending my brothers and sisters, sons & daughters into the quick sand in Talibanistan!