Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Beard Season

This is a boring personal thing (as opposed to the boring political things), but I'm entering beard season. Those who know me are used to this. I wear a full beard in winter, and a slight goatee in summer. It's been my way since I was 15 (yeah, I could grow a full beard at 15), and with our recent frost, I stopped shaving. That was on Friday. Now I get to spend the next week or so looking like a derelict.


Anonymous said...

Well now. Decisions, decisions.

When I post you as one of the Liberal BlogHotties, will the pic be goatee or full beard?

I've snagged your profile pic, hope that's okay.

pygalgia said...


Mauigirl said...

My big boss at the Big Corporation does that. Full beard in the winter, then shaves it off completely in the summer. Guess it keeps you guys warmer in those cold months!

Fran said...

Mmmmmm... I have a certain weakness for derelict-y bearded types!

Don't tell Mr He Is. Growing a beard does not come easy to him!

Casdok said...

Girls do that with their legs, as in winter we can cover them up!