Thursday, September 27, 2007

Limits on Help

I'm a helpful guy. I'll help you move. I'll help you with emotional trauma. I'll feed and/or house you if I can.
But I have my limits.
Tonight, I got a test of limited.
A good friend of mine is moving out of state, for good reasons (helping his family). We have a trailer packed.
Then, in a typical case of bad planning, he needed to wire up to the trailer lights. There are no trailer light connections on his truck. It's dark. So, he's trying to wire trailer lights from scratch. And maybe I'm an asshole, but I hate automobile wiring. I don't want any part of it (I had a job installing car stereo systems years back. I hate automobile wires).
Never attempt to help someone who's wiring trailer lights. It's a recipe for disaster.
Understand, to do this you must spend time underneath the backside of a vehicle. I've milked goats and cows, and by comparison, they have better backsides than vehicles. And then you see that the muffler is loose. So there's another be the dark...
I don't do trailer lights anymore (unless I have to).


Anonymous said...

No problem Bro. Wa got it to the point of having running lights and turn signals. He'll call U-Haul in the morning (my suggestion) and hopefully ask someone who has done it a zillion times. We love ya.

Fixer said...

I worked in a mobile home/camper dealership. I can wire up trailers blindfolded in the dark. Not that I like it much either.

Fran said...

You know Py, I was this close to asking you to haul your hippie self out here to help me move. And help with the wiring of course.

I guess I will reconsider. And know that I don't think any less of you.


pygalgia said...

Fran, I move large, heavy objects for beer and pizza all the time. Gimme a call.