Saturday, September 29, 2007

Define "Selfish"

(this post is purely personal stuff, and should be skipped by serious readers)
I guess I'm getting old. Tonight, it came into my face in an odd way. It reminded me why I'm terminally single.
(story starts here):
I have a woman friend, who I love. But we can not live together (we've tried it, twice) and we're OK with that. So, we sometimes get together and end up having sex (old habits die hard), but there ain't much romance.
Tonight she asked if I wanted to "see a movie", which usually means "eat, drink, and end up in bed together". We've seen this scene before.
I was watching Baseball (and football, and soccer) and, well, lazy. So I said "not tonight".
Does this make old?
I like casual sex (hey, I've already said that I failed relationships 101), but sometimes it fails to excite me. Consider this the closest thing you'll read to my "singles" profile.
Added: Do you use spellcheck? Because I almost never do.


Anonymous said...

I've reached the point where sex and romance just seem like too much trouble, for too little reward, followed by too much upset.

That said, if the right person came along...

Anonymous said...

I'm laughing here because your relationship with your female friend sounds kinda like marriage except for the living together thing.

Casual sex - who doesn't like it? And who says sometimes you just can't be into it, especially when it just becomes something else to do in an already busy day.

And, finally, I know young guys who wouldn't give up watching sports for sex. The ROI is just as good for some of them.

Jess Wundrun said...

What's that joke about canadians doing it doggie style so they can both watch hockey on tv?

Py - you may want to change the tagline on your banner. If you're not eating pizza anymore, anyway.