Saturday, September 29, 2007

Congressional Stupidity

In the latest example of stupid "gotcha" politics, Mark Udall (CO-2) plans to introduce a bill condemning Lush Rimbaugh's "phony soldiers" statement. This is an obvious counter to the congressional condemnation of's "Betray-us" ad. And both are equally stupid, for the simple reason that congress should instead be protecting the 1st amendment of the constitution. Freedom of speech isn't limited to only inoffensive words.
I would never waste my time listening to Lush's bigoted, dishonest, arrogant bloviating, but (like the ACLU) I give him the right to speak. The MoveOn ad expressed an opinion, Lush expressed an opinion, and I'm expressing an opinion. Agree with the opinion, or disagree with the opinion, it should not be an issue for congressional condemnation. By playing political "gotcha" with these type of issues, both sides appear merely petty.
It's not like there are any more important issues for congress to attend to, are there?


Bing said...

I'm writing my congressman to demand that he introduce a bill condemning that last post. Heehee.


pygalgia said...

Actually, you might have better luck with MY congressman, Mr. Corruption, Rick Renzi. He (or someone on his staff) already hate this blog.