Sunday, January 27, 2008

Household Weather

Today has been a mix of sleet, snow, and steady rain. As I've posted before, the roof on my house leaks (and has for a number of years). The landlord has talked about replacing it many times, while new leaks continue to appear. Today, we've added new some very inconvenient places. The household computer wizard gained a leak directly over the household server, and Zymurgian got one over his monitor, which has led to much rearranging. So far, no leaks in my room, which leaves it about the only room in the house without buckets.
We're having a rain party in a while, so please feel free to stop by (BYOB).


Anonymous said...

Oh, this sucks huge for you guys. Any way that you can use the local authorities to get your landlord to fix the damned roof?

pygalgia said...

That would be possible, at the risk of losing our really cheap rent for our area. We're looking at options, but (being liberals) are seeking the least confrontational resolution. Also, we're a bunch of old hippies who tend to "deal with it" (the BYOB stands for "bring your own bucket").