Thursday, January 31, 2008

Not Again

So Ralph Nader has launched an exploratory website, looking at the possibility of running another vanity campaign. Ralph, please don't. As much as I'm disappointed in the choices left for president, another Nader campaign will only help the Republican candidate.
I would love to have a viable progressive third party candidate, but Nader isn't one. My view might be different if Nader spent the years between elections building a party or supporting a movement. Instead, he only shows up in time for the election touting his activism from decades ago. There's no hard work, only a very large ego looking to be stroked.
Here's the basic problem with a third party candidate in a two party system: they usually draw votes away from the more popular candidate, and help the less popular candidate. This presidential election will be (I'm afraid) much closer than many people seem to think. The Democrats are not a sure thing, no matter how it looks right now. Nader's entry will only help the Republicans.
Don't do it, Ralph! (I've sent him that message, and I hope you will too).

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Demeur said...

The problem with Nader running is that there is no abundance of independents in the House and Senate to keep Repubs and Dems in check. I wouldn't rule out Rove funneling money to Nader in secret just to get him to run. That would be the republicans only hope at this point short of fixing the voting machines AGAIN!