Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Huck Stole My Analogy

Damn it, Huckabee stole my baseball analogy on the primaries. I want royalties!

Besides, now we have McCain and Romney calling each other "liberal". That really, really (blanks) me. I am a liberal. McCain and Romney aren't.


Demeur said...

This would be a good opportunity to turn the tables on them i.e. The truth about conservatives
Let me start

* Conservatives eat butter eggs and bacon. This makes them overweight so they can't run very fast. Also gives them heart problems.

Justin said...

Good post and comment.

I have argued for a long time that moral conservatives have a big fascist streak in them. You could put swastikas on the top of this list and it would be straight out Nazi party propaganda.

It is funny, this whole list promotes violent crimes. How patriotic.

Second, most conservatives I meet are not these Paul Bunyon tough guys. They are usually low level white collar workers or beaten down blue collar workers. Not the type that lords the community through ultra violence.

I eat tofu and granola, but I dont know any conservatives that can consider "throwing" or "bitch slapping" me. Interesting how unstable this type sounds.

I dont think the maker of this list notices that its theme is: Be Violent and remain stupid, that is American and Patriotic. Sad.

But McCain and Romney know their base! Haha!