Thursday, February 22, 2007

Debating Debates

I see where a lot of the political blogs are upset about the proposed Nevada Democratic debate being hosted by FOX. MoveOn even has a petition up against the debate. Why? Because FOX is hostile toward Democrats.
I have a very different thought. Yes, FOX is hostile to Democrats, and they will be hostile throughout the campaign. So let's have the debate, and see how well each candidate handles the attacks. The attacks will happen, so let's face them head on. Into the lion's den.
In my younger years, I found myself in too many street fights. The first rule of a street fight is go right at the biggest, toughest, meanest bastard first. This campaign IS going to be a dirty, nasty street fight. So let's see who's tough enough to fight back!
Added: There is a risk of a circular firing squad. As the latest media frenzy over the Obama/Clinton/Geffen flap shows, the talking heads love it when Democrats hurt Democrats. Instead of attacking each other, how about everybody attacking the attackers? Fight your enemies first, then you can squabble with your freinds.


Anonymous said...

I dont know if i agree here. I think every rational american should ignore, boycott, and spread the word that Fox news isnt really news but right wing propaganda hell bent on destroying liberal democracy. In a saner world people would know that those who watch and believe Fox news are fascists who wish to make the USA a very nasty place. I think all dem candidates should ban Fox reporters from their press conferences like Obama did (for good reason). I also think that just like ignoring dems ignoring Fox news that the good rational folks of the USA should ignore and dismiss Fox minded people. Why fight these knuckleheads when their beliefs and actions have caused so much chaos that we can now just discount them as ridiculous? Seriously, one has to be damn stupid, at this point, to believe the Limbaughs and Hannitys of the world have the answers.

pygalgia said...

You are quite right in the ideal. But FUX does exist, and will continue to exist.

Anonymous said...

YA i think yo uare right. sometimes i forget that i live in a pretty progressive town, forgetting about the megacity trainwreck of a culture that dominates. Im lucky to be able to know smart people who ignore Fox and i make the mistake of applying this fact too far...shit.