Monday, February 19, 2007


Stolen from Kos, but too good to pass :

"you know, George Bush was born about 300 miles north of here in the year 1946. As a young man, he was an average student, became a cheerleader and developed a taste for alcohol. As he grew older, he became convinced that he didn't want to go to Vietnam, avoided serving both there and in the Texas Air National Guard and discovered cocaine. At age 32, he ran for Congress and lost. At age 40, he failed in the oil business. At age 43, he bought a baseball team and traded away Sammy Sosa. At age 48, he became the Governor of Texas. At age, 54 the Supreme Court named him President of the United States. And now 60 years old, having waged two losing war efforts
that has cost America its moral standing in the world, hundreds of thousands of lives and billions of dollars, he is the
obvious and only choice to be the worst President of the United States."

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