Saturday, February 17, 2007

Sen. Levin

Well said. Sen. Carl Levin during the senate debate:

“What emboldens the sectarian fighters is the inability of Iraqi leaders to
make the political compromises so essential to finally reining in the Sunni
insurgents and the Shia militias,” he said. “The enemy cares little what
Congress says. It is emboldened by what the Iraqi leaders don’t do. The enemy
isn’t emboldened by congressional debate. It is emboldened by open-ended
occupation of a Muslim country by Western troops.

“The enemy is emboldened by years of blunders and bravado, false assumptions
and wishful thinking, and ignorance of the history of the land being occupied.
The enemy is emboldened by an administration which says it is changing course,
which acknowledges that a political settlement by Iraqi leaders is essential to
ending the violence, but then plunges us more deeply militarily into a sectarian
witch’s brew.”

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